Thursday, 5 April 2012

Amy D from Widnes

Page 3 Idol runner-up Amy Diamond wowed Page 3 fans with her stunning 32E curves during this year's competition, and even though the Widnes wonder finished a close second to eventual winner Jenny, the sexy blonde would not be denied her chance to shine.

Ecstatic Amy couldn’t believe it when she was given the chance to flaunt her stunning curves for you, our lucky Page 3 readers.
She said: “It’s something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. Page 3 of The Sun is the ultimate for any girl looking to get into glamour modelling - it’s where all the best girls are and I can’t believe it’s happened to me!”
Her incredible hourglass figure is taylor-made for Page 3, but Amy admits that her other job helps out quite a bit in that department…
She said: “I’ve got a really curvy figure, but I was working as a full time dancer before this which helped me keep nice and toned. Now I’m juggling the two but I’m sure keeping my figure won’t be a problem.”
Recently single Amy has just moved down to London to concentrate on her modelling career but she admits she’s on the look out for love.
“I think all girls are just on the hunt for someone who’s going to treat them right. Obviously, it’s a bonus if they are really good looking, but sense of humour is much more important for me.
“A bloke having lots of money is not really an issue for me either – you can be romantic without splashing the cash. I love going on picnics and going out for dinner, but I’m an adventurous girl – I’ll try anything once!”
Amy is also wants time to take in some of London’s famous sights as she settles into life in the capital.
She said: “At the moment it’s been all work, work, work, but I want to take a tour bus with a guide so I can take in all the tourist attractions in one go!
“I can be a bit of a night owl as well, so I’ve been going to a few bars in town with the other models, trying to see what the best places to go are.”
We could recommend a few Amy, but when you’ve found your favourite be sure to let us know!